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Sony NTM-910YLW

Sony NTM-910YLW Review: Baby Call Nursery Monitor  8/10


Sony NTM-910YLW
An affordable baby monitor from Sony, this model provides a wide service range with an out-of-range indicator. The monitor conveniently clips to a belt and includes 27 channels to choose from, letting you select the clearest station with the least interference. The faint buzzing, or white noise, is at a minimum; the voice activation mode focuses on human noises and cuts out extraneous noise, making this model fairly quiet. Some consumers report problems using it at night, when the bright lights and occasional beeps could disturb sleep. However, for $32.99, it’s a reliable device that gives you freedom around the house while your baby sleeps.


Unisex colors

FM transmission system lets you choose from 27 radio channels for best signal

Receiver is water resistant

Voice activation mode cuts out extra background noise

Indicator lets you know when you’re out of range

Includes a belt clip


Bulky design

Lights and beeps can be problematic at night



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