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Travel Websites  8/10 Travel Website Review and Logo
For the traveler looking for the best deals, is a useful tool that lets you place bids on hotels and flights. You can bid what you think the trip is worth and hope you luck out with a great deal. Priceline doesn’t charge you booking or cancellation fees, and it does its best to help you out with last-minute travel plans. It’s nice being able to book a rental car and tickets to see a show or attraction all in advance. Users leave generally positive feedback; they suggest being open to unusual flight times if you want to capitalize on the deals offered. The website is fairly easy to navigate but could be overwhelming to newcomers.


Helps you find deals on hotels, flights, rental cars, and travel packages

No booking or cancellation fees from Priceline

Lets you search cruise options and bid on hotel prices

Lets you search cruise options and bid on hotel prices

Offers enticing deals and savings

Available as an app, on Facebook, and Twitter

Last-minute hotel deals


You have to be flexible and accept flight times at odd hours

Better for last-minute trips than carefully planned family vacations

You have to spend time bidding, and if an airline accepts your bid, your credit card is automatically charged