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Pinnacle Studio HD 15

Video Editing Software  8/10


Pinnacle Studio HD 15
Pinnacle Studio HD 15 is a solid video editor with all the basics and a little more. Pinnacle is very good about working with your computer’s hardware and not bogging it down with a lot of resource hogging operations. This means it tends to crash less. Help and support are areas where this product really comes in handy. There is free email, phone, and live chat support as well as an included manual and tutorials online. If you have any trouble or questions, there will never have to be a worry when using this software. Pinnacle Studio HD 15 is available for $50.99.

Quick Specs

  • Operating System:Windows 7, Vista, and XP
  • DVD support
  • 2 multi-media editing tracks

Strong help and support network will help you through any problems

Smart Movie feature automatically edits video into a slide show put to music

Archive/Restore tool automatically backs up all your hard work

1,800+ effects, transitions, and more included


Very large amount of features increases the time it takes to learn the software

Lacks Blu-ray and 3D support

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