Orien FS-50IMOD Review

Under Counter Ice Maker  8.5/10


Orien FS-50IMODAn ice maker ideal for the outdoors, this Orien model includes a fully enclosed back and proper insulation to protect it from outdoor elements. It produces clear square cubes quickly and efficiently; you need only scoop the ice forward in the bin so it doesn’t build up in the back and stop the ice production. The removable ice bin is convenient when it comes to filling up coolers. With up to 44 pounds of ice made daily, this Orien model fulfills its purpose more than adequately.


Can be built-in or freestanding

No risk of ice overflow

Stores 25 pounds of ice

Fully enclosed back makes it suitable for the outdoors

Reversible solid stainless steel door

Fast ice production


Requires you to scoop ice forward to keep it from piling up in back

Fan somewhat noisy


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