3.5 cu. ft. Front Load Washing Machine  9/10


LG WM2250CW Front Load Washing Machine
A sleek looking machine, the LG WM2250CW makes the most of modern technology, including the ability to automatically transmit data to tech support should you experience any difficulties. This washing machine runs quietly and gets clothes smelling fresh with a minimal use of water and detergent. Even the energy-saving cold wash does the job well. The extra-large tub helps cut down on loads too. Most improtantly this is a high efficiency machine, so you know will be many energy saving benefits with this one. Aside from using less water and detergent, the LG WM2250CW has a maximum spin speed of 1200RPMs. Clothes are going to come out of this one feeling almost dry. That means shorter dryer times.

Quick Specs

  • $717
  • White
  • 3.5 cu. ft. capacity

This washer is stackable making it a great space saver if stacked with a dryer

You can choose from 5 different spin speeds

This front load washing machine has a streamlined look and style that really add to the look of any laundry room


Long cylces really increase the overall wash and dry time

The door is not reversible if you need to have it oriented to open in the opposite direction


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