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LG LMV1680ST Review

Over the Range Microwave  8/10


LG LMV1680STBright white lettering and colorful designs stand out starkly against the black console, making this LG over-the-range microwave a shiny, pretty model. The wide, deep cavity promises to hold large dishes easily. Convenient one-touch cooking settings include popcorn, hot water, quick defrost, and several kids’ meal favorites. The incandescent range light seems adequate, and the hidden vent adds to the overall stylish appearance. With so many easy options and shortcuts available for quick programming, we were impressed by the convenience of this model. If we had to nitpick, we’d point out the fan, which is fairly noisy even on lower settings, and the lightweight door that lacks heft. Overall, however, this LG model is a sound investment and reasonably priced at $199.


Sleek, attractive design

Melt/soften feature avoids scorching

Wide interior holds large plates

Kids’ meal settings: hot dog, soup, oatmeal, baby food

Clear LED display


Vent is noisy

Door lacks solid feel


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