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Earbuds  7.5/10


JCV HA-FX67 Earbuds
Another mid-range earbud, HA-FX67′s fail to disappoint. Comfort is one of the key features for this set. The ear cups are memory foam that fit snuggly into the ear canal and remain in place. A cord clip has also been included to help manage the extra length of cord that can sometimes be a pain. Sound quality is not bad on these earbuds. They achieve a very balanced sound that most listeners would be very happy with. These earbuds will set you back anywhere from $29.95 to $42.99 depending on where you pick them up.

Quick Specs

  • Available in 4 colors
  • 3 memory foam ear fittings included
  • 10-23,000Hz frequency response
  • 101dB, 16 ohms
  • 8.5mm driver unit

The overall sound quality is well balanced with a full range

The cord is designed to not conduct noise to the ear pieces, this is a great upgrade considering it is a problem with many pricier options

The air cushion design makes these earbuds extremely comfortable


No case is included to store the extra ear fittings or to travel with


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