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Husqvarna 125BVx Review

Gas Leaf Blower  8.5/10

Husqvarna 125BVxA handy leaf blower with a vacuum and mulch kit, this Husqvarna gas blower has enough power to clear away a lot of debris. Its 1.1-horsepower motor reaches a maximum power speed of 8,000 rpm while still staying relatively quiet compared to similar models. The cruise control feature is especially welcome, allowing you to maintain a fan speed without constantly adjusting the throttle. The vacuum attachments go on easily and securely and handle small objects fine; some larger leaves and debris may get stuck in the nozzle, however. For just $184.99, this leaf blower is easy to maneuver and comes with several useful functions.


Includes a vacuum and mulch kit, round and flat nozzles, and manual

Adjustable tube length

Easy starting with the switch automatically resetting to “on”

Adjustable fan speed makes it easy to maneuver

Maximum power speed of 8,000 rpm

Includes cruise control setting


Plastic cover over off switch makes it difficult to access

Vacuum can clog with large leaves and debris



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