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Graco 1773028

Secure Coverage Digital Monitor with 1 Parent Unit  8.5/10


Graco 1773028
We were impressed with the Graco Secure Coverage Digital Monitor for its static-free reception and its reasonable price of $44.87. The parent unit is light and compact enough to carry around in a pocket or clipped to a belt. A nifty feature is the vibrating setting that buzzes when it picks up your child’s cries. The feature comes in handy because otherwise the volume might not be as loud as you’d like if you’re engaged in some noisy task. However, the digital monitor comes through very clearly without interference, and you can rest assured knowing the channel is secure.


Secure technology ensures privacy

Vibrations alert you to baby’s cries

Wide range

Clear reception

Low battery indicator



Light on parent unit is glaring

Volume isn’t as loud as it could be




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