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Fujifilm X100

12.3 MP Digital Camera with APS-C CMOS Sensor  8.5/10


Fujifilm X100
With a classy retro design, the Fujifilm X100 combines all the great traditional aspects of film with modern digital advancements. Its APS-C CMOS sensor and large aperture F2 lens allows you to take pictures similar to those of a 35mm, soft and out-of-focus if you choose. The hybrid viewfinder is unlike any other you’ll find in a compact digital camera, switching between optical and electronic modes. The HD movies it records are sharp and smooth, and we appreciated the built-in miniature HDMI connector to hook it up to a TV. A unique, sophisticated camera for the serious photographer, the Fujifilm X100 costs $1,189.46 and delivers advanced features.

Quick Specs

  • Color: Black
  • 2.8-inch LCD screen
  • 12.3 MP
  • 15.7 ounces
  • 5” x 2.9” x 2.1”

Stylish retro design reminiscent of traditional cameras

23mm single focal length fixed F2 lens delivers 35mm-style shots

Hybrid viewfinder can switch between optical and electronic modes with one touch

Dedicated button captures images in RAW format

Motion panorama feature captures 180 and 120 degree photos

HD video looks sharp in 720p and can be played on TV with a built-in HDMI connector


Not a point and shoot camera suitable for beginners

Takes time to set up shots, making it hard to capture fast-moving subjects

Menus are complicated to navigate

Brian Jones has had a passion for photography and anything related for the majority of his life. One photography class in high school was all it took to get hooked on everything to do with the subject. He became more focused on learning about camera equipment as he experiemented with everything available… See more about Brian