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As a parent there are many reasons why a jogging stroller would be a necessary addition to your life. You want to stay fit, but don’t have anyone to watch your baby for an hour every day. Taking your baby on a jog might be a good change of environment for them. (Going for a ride may even put them to sleep.) Maybe just want to have your baby nearby no matter what you are doing. A jogging stroller is also going to be a top quality stroller outside the act of jogging too. We rated some of the best jogging strollers out there with the following criteria:

1. Price
2. Quality frame
3. Safety features like hand brakes and harnesses
4. Weight capacity
5. Tires that last and perform well on multiple surfaces
6. Comfort features for children like padding and canopies
7. Ability to fold into compact sizes for carrying and traveling

Mountain Buggy Terrain  9.5/10

Newborn to 6 years old
77 pound capacity
Travel bag, sun cover, storm cover included
Tray that holds 5kg with a zip cover

This is one tough jogging stroller. If you are a serious runner and want to have your child close by, this is going to be the hands down best choice. This stroller has 16-inch wheels with all terrain tread for any situation, a lightweight aluminum frame that won’t slow you down, hand and foot brakes for maximum speed control, and an adjustable handle. It is an expensive jogging stroller, but it will probably be the only one you ever buy.


Joovy Zoom 360  9/10

75 pound capacity
5 point harness for a safely secured baby
Custom fit rain and wind cover included
Quick and compact folding

The Joovy Zoom 360 is a good choice if jogging is going to be the primary use for this stroller. It boasts some of the highest load bearing ability with support for a child up to 75 pounds. Comfort for the rider is important as well. This stroller features a very large canopy and unlimited reclining positions. To top it off the Zoom 360 has a strong aluminum from and shock absorbers for a smooth ride the whole time. This jogging stroller sells for $235.99 to $249.99.



BOB Revolution SE  9/10

8 weeks+
70 pound capacity
5 year limited warranty on frame
1 year limited warranty on small parts and fabric
Strong aluminum alloy frame ensures quality

If you are looking for the single stroller to fit your needs, the Revolution SE Single is a good candidate to fit the bill. The front swiveling wheel has the ability to be locked in place so it can be easier to push the stroller in one direction while jogging or using it on grass, dirt, or sand. The stroller can be easily folded for stowing in the car or in a closet. The BOB Revolution SE is priced at anywhere from $321.95 to $449.99 in stores and at online retailers.


BOB Sport Utility  9/10

70 pound capacity
2 interior pockets, seat-back pocket, and a basket below for storage
16-inch knobby tires for off-road use
Padded shoulder harness for comfort and safety
Available in blue or orange

This jogging stroller is meant to be taken off the road. Perfect for you trail running parents out there. The front wheel is fixed, meaning you’ll get the most stability you can get as you progress down the trail. The BOB Sport Utility stroll also has an adjustable suspension system so you can control the comfort for you child depending on the terrain you encounter. You can find this jogging stroller for $288 to $379.99.


BOB Revolution SE Duallie  8.5/10

100 pound capacity
44 inch height maximum
Large view window for seeing inside stroller from behind
Large cargo basket for a lot of storage space

The Revolution SE Duallie incorporates everything that is great about the single version intro a double version without flaw. The duallie features independently reclining seats and canopies so the two passengers on board can be comfortable in their own way. The 100 pound capacity makes it a little weaker when it comes to weight per individual, but that is the only downfall. The Revolution SE Duallie is a little expensive, but you get quality with this purchase. It can be had for $489.99-$659.99.


Baby Jogger F.I.T.  8.5/10

75 pound capacity
16 inch wheels
Hand and rear brake
5-point safety harness with shoulder pads
Carry bag with storage compartments for wheels

This jogging stroller from Baby Jogger really competes in the category. With a 75 pound capacity, children of many ages and sizes will be able to tag along on a parent’s daily run. This stroller is loaded with features like a ventilated canopy, one hand collapse for easy break down, a fixed front wheel, and a removable storage basket that are perfect for runners and the children riding. It’s offered at a pretty good price of $278.12 to $299.99.


BOB Ironman  8/10

70 pound capacity
Available in 2 colors
Rear parking brake and hand brake
Padded 5-point harness

The tires on this jogging stroller are specifically made for hard surfaces like asphalt. This means a smooth ride for baby and an easy to push stroller for you. The lightweight frame makes it even more of a joy to have your child with you on a long distance run without holding you back. With a highly adjustable reclining seat, you get to focus on running and your child gets to enjoy the ride. The BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller is available for $312.00 to $409.99.


Baby Jogger 2012 City Select  8/10

45 pound capacity
Stroller folds in one simple step
Expandable to a double seat (additional accessory)
5 colors available

This jogging stroller is unique in the fact that it lets you customize the seat with different car seats and bassinets. The Baby Jogger 2012 City Select folds to an incredibly small size for easy travel and storage. This is not your full fledged jogging stroller, but it will handle lighter jogs. The handbrake makes it much easier to control the speed of the stroller as you go. It also holds a lot less of a load than other jogging strollers out there. This stroller sells for $499.99.


Schwinn Turismo  7.5/10

50 pound capacity
Built-in MP3 speaker
Rear parking brake
3-point safety harness
Lightweight aluminum frame

The Schwinn Turismo Swivel Wheel is very similar to a lot of the other baby Jogger strollers out there. Advertised as a great stroller for everyday use as well as jogging, it has a 12-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear wheels with aluminum frames. The Schwinn Turismo boasts a zero degree turn radius and the large wheels make it easy to push on the sidewalk, the street or on the grass. The Schwinn Turismo can be purchased for $177.99 to $199.99.



InStep Grand Safari  7/10

Available in 3 colors
Built-in MP3 speaker
Compatible with many car seats

This jogging stroller is not focused toward those who run long distances very often. The InStep Grand Safari is a much more casual jogging stroller. It has a 12-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear wheels to make pushing easy, but its not up to par with some of the other joggers on the list. This is a stroller made with a child’s comfort in mind with a faux lambskin seat pad for longer stretches in the stroller. This jogging stroller is a joy for children and parents that take their jogging easy. You can find it for sale at a price of $139.99 to $159.99.


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