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Kushies 80013

Zolo Stacrobats   8/10


Kushies 80013
These whimsical Stacrobats from Kushies immediately grab kids’—and their parents’—attention with their unique colors, shapes, and magnetic capabilities. Your children will delight in putting on their own puppet shows and circus performances with the back of the zippered storage bag that doubles as a magnetic stage. The 5 figures and 3 balls connect to each other in dozens of different ways. Kids will also have fun sticking the Stacrobats to other magnetic items, like the refrigerator. The little figures can even “catch” the balls in their hands when you toss it toward them. Parents may find themselves playing with these toys as much as their kids. The set is available for $55.95.


Back of the zippered bag becomes a magnetic stage for the acrobat figures

Fosters children’s imagination, coordination, creativity, and balance

Figures and balls stick to each other, other magnets, and the refrigerator

Vivid colors and zany faces make these acrobats appealing to kids and adults

Convenient storage case


Not for babies who still chew on toys; they’re not BPA-free
A tad overpriced



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