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Best Digital SLR Cameras

Best Digital SLR Cameras

Top 10 Rated Digital SLR Cameras By Brian Jones The most important factors that we looked for in selecting our top 10 digital SLR cameras included: 1. Megapixels 2. Video and audio quality 3. Button and menu interface 4. Battery life 5. Anti-shake technology 6. ISO level and minimal noise 7. LCD screen size and […]

Best Ice Makers

Best Ice Makers

Top 10 Rated Under Counter Ice Makers By Brittany Rowland As we picked the top 10 ice makers, we looked for models that: 1. Produced ice quickly and efficiently 2. Were easy to install 3. Could be under the counter or freestanding 4. Had removable bins with ample ice storage 5. Stayed cold enough and […]

Best Dishwashers

Best Dishwashers

Top 10 Rated Dishwashers By Brittany Rowland To compile our top 10 list for dishwashers, we took several factors into consideration, such as cleaning performance, sanitizing options, attractiveness, size and capacity, ease of use, decibel level, and number of wash cycles. Today’s dishwashers have become increasingly sleek and streamlined in design, often in a variety […]

Refrigerator LCD Screen

New Samsung and LG Refrigerators with Wifi and LCD Screens May Change your Kitchen

Internet connected appliances may or may not be the next big thing. It will depend on you the consumer, as to whether or not this trends stays around. Are you willing to pay more for a refrigerator with an LCD screen that enables Google calendar to remind your significant other that it’s time to pick […]

Side by Side Fridge

Pros and Cons to Side by Side Refrigerators; Advantages to Side-by-Sides

Obviously one of the best advantages of side by side fridges is that they cost much less than their french door, bottom freezer counterparts. There really is no practical reason for this other than the fact that the french door, bottom freezer design is the latest and greatest and therefore manufacturers charge a premium for […]

Pros and Cons of Water and Ice Dispenser in the Refrigerator

By John E. Moore This is a big question for many and worth some major consideration. Did you know that a majority of problems and manufacturers defects in refrigerators today are caused by the water and ice dispenser or the ice maker? Frequent problems with water lines freezing up or lots of the noise from […]

External vs. Internal Water and Ice Dispensers in Refrigerators; Which is better?

By John E. Moore If you have kids you know this can be an important issue. Kids like to play with water and ice dispensers and don’t think they cant figure out the safety lock ( I know I have two boys). For this reason we purposely avoided a water and ice dispenser. But there […]

Refrigerator Energy Star/Energy Guide Power Consumption Guidelines and Considerations

By John E. Moore Refrigerators have the deserved reputation of energy hogs. They certainly do drive up your power bills so it’s important to keep the fridge on the right cooler setting as well as purchase a refrigerator that will give you better efficiency. They also run non-stop. Newer refrigerators will be better at this […]

How to Save Money and Avoid High Energy Costs with your Refrigerator

By John E. Moore Despite the fact that they may be a little more efficient, refrigerators can be a substantial part of your energy bill each month. There are a few ways you can keep the costs down. Little do people usually realize that the refrigerator is an energy hog that typically eats up 10 […]

Freezer on Top vs. Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators

By John E. Moore Freezer-on-top is the traditional design of the fridge you grew up with. Why was the freezer always on the top? Because it always was, that’s why. There was never a real reason that refrigerators could not be redesigned to have the freezer on the bottom but that’s the way they were […]

Refrigerator Size Considerations; External Dimensions and Cu. Ft. of Storage Capacity

John E. Moore has been reviewing kitchen goods and refrigerators for 8 years as the leader of Cooks Warehouse sells more than 400 kitchen items and accessories. John is also a self-described computer tech geek…. See more about John Related Top 10 Lists Top 10 Refrigerators Looking for the best refrigerators? Below you will […]

Yet Another Energy Related Award for a Refrigerator; LG this time

By John E. Moore The LG LFX 31925 has won an award from Good Housekeepings Green Energy side for energy efficiency. There are some trappings to this award as the magazine agrees to refund the price of the unit if it turns out to be defective from manufacturers defects within the first two years of […]

Are Energy Star Refrigerators Really Worth the Difference in Price?

By John E. Moore First off, know that almost all refrigerators coming out these days are Energy Star rated – at least from the major manufacturers that pay Energy Star enough money to get certified. I’m sure they pay a pretty penny for the sticker. The Energy Star sticker means the fridge runs at 20% […]

LG’s Greener Living Tour Promotes Refrigerator, Larger size fridge

By John E. Moore Funny, now LG, rather than promoting energy efficiency in it’s refrigerator is promoting how much gas you will save by buying a larger refrigerator and going to the store less often. What a twist. See our article about energy efficiency standards in refrigerators and what we suspect is the major reason […]

September sees release of new Kenmore Refrigerators and Features – Grab-N-Go Door

By John E. Moore Kenmore, which is a brand owned by Sears recently introduced several new refrigerators to try to compete better in the space with other major manufacturers in the white goods space. Following is some of the information released. The Elite 31 cu. ft. Trio Refrigerator has one of the largest storage capacities […]

Storage Measurement Capacity

Counter Depth and Cabinet Depth Refrigerator Dimensions By John E. Moore First off, counter depth and cabinet depth are interchangeable terms and have the same meaning as far as refrigerator dimensions go. It’s just a matter of preference which term one uses. What is considered a counter depth refrigerator? Generally speaking any refrigerator of 24” […]