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Best Men's Backpacks

Best Men’s Backpacks

Top 10 Rated Backpacks By S. Dee Davis Following are some of the primary factors we considered when selecting our top 10 backpacks (for men) list. Please see our complete backpack buying guide for more information on how we chose, and you should choose the right backpack for your hiking or camping adventure. 1. Comfort […]

Callaway Speed Regime

Callaway Speed Regime

Golf Ball  8/10 By S. Dee Davis Fit your swing speed to the ball? Cant be a bad idea and that is what the new Speed Regime ball offers. Our links below go to the moderate swing speed ball. Callaway’s contention that this will increase your performance is plausible enough. The urethane covers have a […]

Best Golf Balls

Best Golf Balls

Top 10 Golf Balls By S. Dee Davis The following list of the best top ten golf balls was determined from the authors opinion using the following criteria: Consistency in length off the tee, spin control and the ability to hold greens, “feel” of the ball around greens for chipping and putting, durability, and price/value. […]

TaylorMade RocketBallz Urethane

Urethane Golf Balls  9/10 By S. Dee Davis Wow, a 3-layer golf ball with tons of great technology available at Amazon for $24 bucks a dozen and free shipping. That’s a smoking deal and why this ball is our Best Value pick. For plus 8 to 20 handicappers this ball is a great choice. The […]

More Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity  7.5/10 2 layer construction cover: NaZ2 (blend) $32 to $35 /dozen     Titleist’s newest entry into the golf ball market – the Velocity has a couple of new technologies to respond to tough new competition from Bridgestone, … read more Bridgestone e5  7.5/10 Price Range: $35 to $45 per dozen     […]

Cleveland 588 RTX

Golf Sand Wedge 9/10 By S. Dee Davis Another great gap loft selection. The Cleveland 588 RTX definitely rivals the Vokey wedges in precision craftsmanship. These wedges are precision forged from 1025 carbon steel for incredibly soft, solid feel and have a very stiff tour concept shaft and zip grooves. These wedges are better for […]

Mizuno MP-T4

Golf Sand Wedge  8.5/10 By S. Dee Davis The rounded teardrop shaped head is forged from 1025E mild carbon steel nad has a softer heel and toe relief than many wedges on the market. To address the fact that each different wedge is optimized for specific types of shots, whether it be a Gap, Sand […]

Titleist Vokey SM5

46 Degree Golf Sand Wedge  9/10 By S. Dee Davis The completely updated SM5 has lots of subtle changes from the SM4 design with groove pattern changes depending on the loft of the club. Lower lofts have smaller grooves and higher lofts get larger deeper grooves to help with spin. These wedges consistently rank at […]

Best Golf Wedges

Best Golf Wedges

Top 10 Rated Golf Wedges By S. Dee Davis Cleveland 588 RTX  9/10 Forged Black Pearl Finish Loft: 56 Price: $119 Bounce: 10.0, 14.0, 16.0 Another great gap loft selection. The Cleveland 588 definitely rivals the Vokey wedges in precision craftsmanship…read more Titleist Vokey SM5  9/10 Tour Chrome, Gold Nickel, or Raw Black finish 21 […]

Cobra Bio Cell & Bio Cell+

Golf Driver  9/10 By S. Dee Davis This is a long driver as in, it booms it. It’s almost as long as the SLDR. I hit the standard stiff shaft a very consistent and long distance with this driver. However, almost every shot had a significant draw (not quite a hook) so if you have […]

TaylorMade SLDR & SLDR TP

Golf Driver  9/10 By S. Dee Davis If you want a little less distance and more control off the tee, hit your 3-wood. That’s my take anyway, and why I recommend the SLDR as our top ranked driver. It’s got a hot face like the Rocketbalz, but I like the profile at set up better. […]

Best Golf Drivers

Best Golf Drivers

Top Golf Drivers By S. Dee Davis We tested many of the drivers that are out there in the market today and came up with our top 10 list. There are a couple holdovers from last year. Testing and consideration were given based on distance and accuracy with the same neutral swing speed (110) in […]

Best Golf Clubs

Best Golf Clubs

Top 10 Golf Clubs By S. Dee Davis Following are some of the factors that we felt are most important in evaluating the top 10 golf club iron selections. Clubs were tested at a testing facility and loosely measured for the below quality points: 1. Comfort at Setup (Instilling Confidence) 2. Solid Feel at Impact […]

Mizuno MP-64

Skill Level: Players  9/10 By S. Dee Davis The Mizuno MP-64 diamond muscle is Mizuno’s cloaked version of a blade with a lot of comfort technology built in. It features varying cavity depths throughout the set to assist launch in the long irons and help control trajectory in the short irons. The build quality is […]

Cobra Bio Cell Irons

Skill Level: Game Improvement  8/10 By S. Dee Davis There are four pockets on the back cavity of the new Bio Cell designed iron. The longer irons use a tungsten insert in the heel and toe pockets to help give better feel on miss-hits. Lots going on in the appearance category. It’s a great club […]

Nike VR-S Covert 2.0

Skill Level: Game Improvement  8.5/10 By S. Dee Davis This is a gorgeous new club from Nike. If offers the 8 to 15 handicapper a great option to get more serious and still have plenty of forgiveness. A 1020 carbon steel body is affixed to a high grade steel face. This allows the top and […]