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Best Golf Clubs

Best Golf Clubs

Top 10 Golf Clubs By S. Dee Davis Following are some of the factors that we felt are most important in evaluating the top 10 golf club iron selections. Clubs were tested at a testing facility and loosely measured for the below quality points: 1. Comfort at Setup (Instilling Confidence) 2. Solid Feel at Impact […]

NIKE Vapor Pro Irons

Golf Irons  9.6/10 By S. Dee Davis The NIKE Vapor Pro irons may be the most playable irons we tested this year. Nike has come a long way in iron design and development in the last two years, and the Vapor Pro irons may be their greatest achievement thus far in irons for better players. […]

Mizuno JPX-850

Golf Driver  9.2/10 By S. Dee Davis The Mizuno JPX-850 sits like an old-school driver, but boasts an incredible amount of adjustability, allowing you to set the club up any way you want it with the new Fast Track system. You may have to tinker some on the range, but Mizuno’s multiple weighting options gives […]

Wilson D-200

Golf Driver  9.3/10 By S. Dee Davis Wilson has developed a very light and very adjustable driver, while many companies have struggled to do either well. The D-200’s loft can be adjusted six ways, including three draw settings. The face which varies in thickness depending on where the ball is hit, can provide an enormous […]

Cobra Fly Z+

Golf Driver  9.3/10 By S. Dee Davis By using the new “Flipzone” weighting technology, the Cobra Fly Z+ Driver allows you to adjust the Center of Gravity (CG) setting with a 15-gram moveable weight for either a higher or lower launch condition, whichever you prefer. Adjustability is key with this driver, and it may take […]

Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons

Golf Irons  9.6/10 By S. Dee Davis Mizuno has made some subtle, but sexy changes to their players iron but switching from carbon steel to boron-infused steel, a material that is lighter and about 30% stronger than carbon steel to create a powerful iron that has many features to enhance your iron play. The cavity […]

Callaway XR Pro

Golf Irons  9.6/10 By S. Dee Davis The Callaway XR Pro is for better players who want maximum distance with incredible control. The two-piece clubhead design accomplishes this feat, giving this iron the ability to be shaped, along with an incredible amount of distance. During our tests, even on mishits, the carry distance was excellent […]

Callaway XR Irons

Golf Irons  9.7/10 By S. Dee Davis The XR iron is designed for mid to higher handicap players, but only because better players don’t like to look at much offset at address. That being said, these irons are light in the head, are solid sounding at impact, and the feel of the face at contact […]

PING G30 Irons

Golf Irons  9.4/10 By S. Dee Davis Stronger, progressive lofts of the new G30 irons and the bounce profiles of these clubs prevent digging into the turf, which make them a welcomed addition to the 2015 line-up. The G30’s performance was very good, with a higher ball flight and plenty of distance. The feel was […]

NIKE Vapor Pro

Golf Driver  9.5/10 By S. Dee Davis The NIKE Vapor Pro driver, used by Rory McIlroy, has a stiffer rear half of the club which, in theory, provides more flex or give in the front half of the driver to help your increase your ball speed off the face. The new ‘FlyBeam’ structure and Compression […]

TaylorMade R15 TP

Golf Driver  9.5/10 By S. Dee Davis The new R15 Driver from TaylorMade may seem like the SLDR reincarnated with a different paint job, but there is some new technology sure to get your drives out there, longer & straighter. The clean-looking head boasts two moveable weights on the sole, which can be tinkered with […]

Titleist 915D2/D3

Golf Driver  9.7/10 By S. Dee Davis Titleist doesn’t flood the market with new drivers every 6 months, but they wait two years to unveil their latest masterpiece. The 915D2 &D3 are truly masterfully designed drivers with the D2 larger & more forgiving and the D3 for lower handicappers. Each is designed with control in […]

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815

Golf Driver  9.6/10 By S. Dee Davis The big draw, so to speak, on the Big Bertha Alpha 815 is the amount of adjustability, coupled with a hotter more flexible face design, similar to the XR driver. However, the ability to dial in your game completely sets this driver apart from the rest. The Alpha […]


Golf Driver  9.7/10 By S. Dee Davis The best feature of PING’s new G30 Driver aren’t the “turbulators” or the ridges on the driver that reduce aerodynamic drag, it’s the stability through impact that the re-designed weighting in the crown provides and the larger, sweeter face that make this driver hell off the tee. The […]

Callaway XR/XR Pro

Golf Driver  9.8/10 By S. Dee Davis Several important factors make this the top driver this year. First, a large sweet spot and hot, flexible face makes this driver long off the tee with less effort and max forgiveness. It is fully adjustable, 20 grams lighter than the Big Bertha Alpha, and has a stealthy […]

Bridgestone J15 DF Irons

Golf Clubs  9.5/10 By S. Dee Davis The J15 DF greatest strength may be its ability to produce high, consistent ball flights and great direction on shots hit all over the face. Our test produced excellent forgiveness and good distance control for all of your flag-hunting needs. The rounded sole breezed through all turf conditions […]